Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Passing Afternoon"

I love this song. I hope you take the four minutes to listen to it. I always feel different listening to this song, depending on how life's treating me. Content, sad, contemplative, hopeful, grateful, regretful, it's amazing how a single song on a different day can do that to you, eh?

Summer 2010 has been great. A little uneventful, but we needed the uneventfulness. Spring Semester kicked Ellie's and I's butts, and it was almost hard to believe when we finished finals, "The gross injustice is over?!" For the next three days, we fit in every summer activity we could think of. That was about three weeks ago, since then it's been one blissfully-lazy day after another. Ellie and I got jobs working at "Journeys", the "Anti-Options". Word had gotten around that place that Ellie was looking for a new job so the supervisor let her know the rest of her shifts that week would be covered and that she didn't have a job anymore. He said, "it wasn't a fire". But Ellie said, and I have to agree, that it sure felt like one. Following a whole lotta job-searching and praying, Ellie landed a job at Journeys. And they loved her so much, they decided to hire on her dorky husband too! How nice!

I do need to mention one unique circumstance this summer has brought:

We took on a few roommates since the temperature rose here at the Burg.

This, is an earwig. And no, I didn't find the grossest picture I could find on the internet as a blatant exaggeration. This is what they really look like (in much smaller form). They started invading in the shower, then we started finding them in piles of clothes, then they made their way into our bed. One night, I woke up three times to the feeling of a creepy crawler wandering up my leg. The fourth time I woke up I was convinced my mind had consigned to a state of paranoia and I was hallucinating. They remind me of those horrible, horrible creatures Khan used to mind-control Chekhov in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan!
Ellie, despite her height and aggresive-competitive nature, shrieks like a four-year-old every time she sees them: "RANDY! There's one crawling up the bookcase! Oooohhh mmmmmm!" She then does that girly half-cry, the one that's not very convincing and is only one step above whining. I can't help but smile while I type this, she will be sooo angry I'm putting this up. I love her for it, though. Makes me feel all manly and tough. "Stand back, Ellie! While I contend with the enemy!"
One trip to wal-mart later we came home with a special spray and a passionate vengeance! We completely de-bugged our apartment, and when I say "we completely de-bugged our apartment" I mean we layed so much waste behind and under everything, that we physically could not breathe indoors for a half hour. We took a walk and celebrated our victory over our adversaries. In Genesis we read, "God gave man dominion over the creatures of the earth". I felt like giving Heavenly Father one big air-five!

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